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Videre.Earth is an annual global event to announce that we as a species are ready to take our place in the wider community of intelligent life in our universe.

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Videre.Earth is a celebration of our species, our world and a joyous proclamation.

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This is for all of us, from all of us.

On the Winter Solstice, in a coordinated effort not dictated by any authority, people from around the world participate by observing a minute of silence whilst contributing a light source aimed upward toward the night sky.

Whilst Videre.Earth is interested in the possibility of other intelligent life, this is not about UFOs or little green aliens. It’s about us. It’s about taking responsibility for our world, for our cultures, for our actions and for our future as a collective of many unique voices standing together in the darkness, with the hope this makes us better prepared for contact.

We are Here, We are Ready and We Stand Together to take our place in the cosmos.

It's time we take matters into our own hands.

What if we are not alone in the universe? What if the reason we aren’t sure about that yet is that we haven’t been ready. And, what if the only ones determining our readiness are obscured by secrecy and conflicted with hidden agendas, mismanagement and fear? Wouldn’t it be better if the whole world stood together, openly and transparently, to determine when the time was right? Wouldn’t it be better for our announcement to be from a majority rather than a select few?