It's easy and everyone can join in.

Participating in the Videre.Earth global gesture is simple.


Each year on the Winter Solstice (December 21st) at 8:00pm in your local time zone safely create a visual signal from a stationary position with a light source (e.g. flashlight, smart phone, candles, sparklers, laser pointer, campfire etc.) that is directed directly upward outdoors, and maintain that signal for 1 minute.


For best results:

  • Turn off electrical devices and other light sources to reduce ambient light and electromagnetic disturbance however possible, excepting those circumstances where such would endanger people or critical systems.
  • Keep still and quiet during the signal. Observe a moment of silence during the 1 minute signaling period.
  • Don’t move the light source. Keep it steady. If using lasers, ensure that the airspace in the direction you are pointing is clear of obstructions or aircraft, and do not aim the laser for longer than 1 minute.
  • Be safe. The Global Gesture should be fun and the stronger the light source the better, but don’t take unnecessary risks or utilise light sources prohibited by law.

It is hoped that the coordination of the gesture will move according to time zones such that the combined effect is a wave of light sources that moves around the globe in a 24 hour period.


We believe this approach has the following benefits:

  • It is accessible to all or most individuals, requiring only 1 minute of time and only tools readily available.
  • Participation can happen wherever you happen to be. Just be sure to align the date and time locally.
  • Given the short time frame of the gesture and its advanced scheduling the approach poses the least risk in terms of interference of the light sources with critical systems or aircraft.
  • As a ‘moment of silence’ it offers every participant a moment of rest and contemplation free from the buzz of modern life.
  • The activity is fun, a great way to connect with other people and perhaps may encourage a spirit of exploration and unity.
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