Our Mission

  1. Videre.Earth seeks to become the catalyst between the current world wherein humans are seemingly alone in the universe and one in which we are an active part of a larger community of intelligent life.
  2. We seek to take what steps will support this goal in a manner that inclusively represents the many voices of our species, but as one voice for our world.
  3. It is our hope that such a collective voice will carry a message of humility, openness and goodwill whilst also projecting a strength of resolve, self-awareness and self-preservation.
  4. Videre.Earth is a joyous and willful proclamation: We are here, we are ready and we stand together to own our place in the universe.

Our Principles

Videre.Earth is founded on some key principles and presumptions. We feel it is important that anyone interested in participating understands, appreciates and adheres to these. If they find this impossible we trust they will politely walk away and seek another avenue for their interests and needs.

What We Are Not

  • A gimmick, scam or cult. We are not out to fool, coerce or defraud anyone.
  • Interested in proving or disproving the existence or nature of UFOs, UAPs, aliens, life elsewhere, conspiracies, scientific concepts, religious or spiritual beliefs or any other topic up for debate. We believe there are already enough forums and avenues for argumentation.
  • Politically motivated. We are not concerned with what any government, military, deep state or bureaucratic body has done in the past, are doing now or wish to do in the future with regards to the existence of intelligent life elsewhere.

Ultimately, Videre.Earth seeks to serve one purpose only: to become a vehicle through which the human population of our world can properly introduce itself to anyone else that may be out there and already close enough to be aware of our presence.

We move forward with this singular vision and attempt to avoid pitfalls by accepting multiple premises:


  1. Whether by faith, analysis of probability or examination of any existing evidence we accept that life exists elsewhere in our physical and multi-dimensional universe.
  2. We accept that life may come in many forms and may not necessarily adhere to our current scientific understandings in terms of physicality, biology, intellect, motivations or behavior.
  3. We accept that life in any form is adaptable and likely evolves over time for various reasons.
  4. We accept that some life will have evolved to at least the state humans currently find themselves in with regards to intellect and technology, and very likely much further.
  5. We accept that some intelligent life elsewhere is aware of us and our world, and we accept it as likely that some intelligent life has visited our world at any point.
  6. We accept it as an eventuality, whether by our own actions or the actions of other intelligent life, we will find ourselves at a point where the presence of both are known to each other openly and is evidenced, regardless of how long this takes.
  7. We accept that the transition between our current state and one in which we are openly aware of and interacting with other intelligent life will require a trigger or catalyst; e.g. some conditions and actions on either part that will signal to everyone that the time is right.
  8. We accept some of the requisite conditions have already been met in the forms of humans achieving the following in the last six decades:
    • Attaining technology that generates electromagnetic radiation capable of emanating from our world into space. Our radio ‘bubble’ is already 200 light years in diameter and expanding.
    • Attaining space flight, traveling to the moon, placing systems and habitation in orbit, etc.
    • Sending exploratory space craft to other planets and outside our solar system with messages of greetings.
    • Transmitting on at least several occasions specific radio messages intended as contact to specific locations in our galaxy.
    • Increasing our active examination of our universe across multiple energy spectrums.
    • Though unfortunate, having developed the capability to destroy ourselves and our world.
  9. We accept that, rather than waiting for someone else to initiate overt contact or leaving this to authorities and fringe groups to conduct openly or secretly, there exists an opportunity for all the people of our world to make this gesture as a collective representing whatever proportion of the populace are ready and motivated to participate.
  10. We accept that our collective gesture may grow to represent enough of the populace as to indicate a planetary ‘readiness’ to other intelligent life that may be paying attention and may have otherwise not made overt contact for whatever reasons.
  11. We accept that our intentions come with some risk to the status quo in terms of society, politics, religion etc., however we do not count the risk of aggression from outside our world among these risks. Based on the prior premises we accept that if this was a genuine risk it could have manifested at any time prior.
  12. We accept that the tonality of a collective gesture must attempt to strike a balance between humility, openness and goodwill on the one hand, with strength of resolve, self-awareness and self-preservation on the other. It must acknowledge our inalienable rights to existence and free will whilst expressing a readiness to become a part of a larger community.
  13. We accept that our efforts may never yield a specific result or that results of any kind may be a long time coming. For this we resolve ourselves to persistence and consistency.
  14. We accept that our efforts toward a collective gesture are within our rights to exercise as individual inhabitants of this world provided they are free from coercion, corruption or harmful influence to others, and that no person or group has the right to decide for us if, when or how we participate or how we announce ourselves to our galactic neighborhood.
  15. We accept that as humans our greatest strengths lie in our diversity, individuality, creativity and compassion, as well as our ability to pool these strengths as a collective voluntarily.
  16. We accept that working toward first open contact with other intelligent life can serve as a catalyst for us to better see ourselves, our world and to evolve past some of our shortcomings.